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Hamilton Named Top City in Ontario to Invest

May 24, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

Hamilton has become the “top place to invest in Ontario”, according to a release from Calgary based Real Estate Investment Network of Canada. In addition to this honour, REIN also named Hamilton the #3 place in all of Canada to invest.

To get legal advice, you visit a lawyer; to get medical advice, you go and see a doctor; most people, to get their car repaired, leave it in the hands of a trained professional. Even to get your hair cut, you go to someone who is trained to do that job. In all of these instances, the average consumer, without specific training and resources in a given area, defers to a qualified individual. So what is it about Real Estate that is so different? …

“Known formerly as a hard-working steel town, the city has quickly shed this image in the eyes of potential investors – as indicated by the record breaking building permit values Hamilton has experienced in recent years,” said REIN President Don Campbell. “The wheels have been set in motion to create a major high-tech industrial park in conjunction with growth at McMaster University, sparking an entrepreneurial spirit in the city.”

To draw these conclusions, REIN examined the following criteria: Is the area’s average income increasing fast

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