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Oral Health and Overall Wellness

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It often goes unrealized how important dental health related to overall health. Because the mouth is essentially a window to the body, without comprehensive oral hygiene, the bacteria in the mouth can reach high levels, leading to infections and disease that go beyond the mouth. Research has shown that oral disease and systemic disease are linked, which encourages us to take care of our teeth.

Gum disease can cause inflammation, which can then wreak havoc on the body. Having inflammation in the mouth or gums can begin to affect the entire body once the proteins and bacteria run through the blood stream.

With Poor Oral Health has Health Risks

Among other diseases, people who do not take proper care of their teeth can put themselves at a higher risk for heart disease. Furthermore, if gum disease is left untreated, it greatly increases the risk of a heart attack. Gum disease also skyrockets one’s chance of type 2 diabetes, due to the inflammatory effects of the bacteria in the mouth.

People without proper oral hygiene may also have halitosis, a higher risk of pneumonia, erectile dysfunction, HPV, kidney disease, head and neck cancers, and may even end up with dementia. While the diet plays a large role in oral health, the method of cleaning teeth is very important. Flossing to get plaque and leftover food cleaned out from between the teeth is vital for proper gum health, along with brushing the teeth twice a day.

Why Floss?

Flossing may be the most important component to proper oral hygiene because it is able to remove bacteria that leads to plaque. Plaque can lead to tartar that grows on the teeth and cannot be removed by an everyday brushing routine.

Tartar leads to damage that causes decay and the loss of teeth. While most people know that flossing is part of a proper oral regimen, about a third of Americans choose to forgo this step, most of which are women. Additionally, 20% of Americans fail to brush their teeth twice daily.

How to Floss

Scrub between each tooth with floss by moving it up and down and in small circles around each tooth. While doing this, be on the lookout for signs of health issues. Painful flossing or bleeding gums show that there is damaging bacteria in the mouth that can spread throughout the body.

To fix potential health problems with the gums, floss gently and brush your teeth more often, until the problem has resolved. After flossing, be sure to brush for two minutes.

Oil Pulling

Using coconut or sesame oil in the mouth is thought to decrease the amount of toxins in the mouth and body and improve overall health. Using one tablespoon of oil in the mouth for 15 minutes to swish and pull the oil from between the teeth helps remove toxins that can lead to disease.

How to Improve Oral Health

Oral hygiene is clearly important on the quest to be healthy. To optimize oral health, eat healthy, whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, and dairy to help your body function at its best. Fermented foods like pickles are also great for overall health. Try to refrain from eating sugar or processed foods. As stated, floss your teeth every day and brush twice daily. Try oil pulling for a natural detoxifying remedy.

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