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How to Motivate Yourself on “Off” Days

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Whether it is due to lack of sleep, excess stress, or some unexplained reason, we all have off days sometimes. These are the days that you just want to sit at home and do not feel motivated to be productive or energetic. This is natural and everyone goes through high and low periods of motivation, with some days running very smoothly and others not going by so easily. Despite this, we are still expected to perform our duties at work or at home. Here are some tips to put some pep back in your step during your off days and find your motivation.

Make a Goal Public

Making yourself have accountability through other people’s knowledge of your goals works. No one wants to appear to be a failure to others, so if you make it public knowledge that you are going to achieve something, you likely will do so.

Holding yourself accountable can be as easy as telling just one friend or co-worker, or as public as making a statement on social media. Keeping goals to yourself is an easy way to get out of them and avoid accomplishment.

Go from 0-60

Just get started. If you are putting something off by finding other things to do, you are probably procrastinating. People often avoid beginning big projects by doing other smaller side projects, which will only create more anxiety in the long run. Once you get over the hurdle of just starting what needs to be done, you are likely to see the project to completion. This is why sometimes we don’t need a specific source of motivation, we just need to start working and the production will come into play.

Set Strict Time Deadlines

Write our your plan for the day in 30 minute increments. Be strict with yourself so you plan to get everything accomplished that is needed and you can cross things off of your list as you go. This will give a growing sense of productivity because you will be able to put tasks behind you as the time goes on. Be as detailed as you need to be, even down to scheduling breaks for snacks. This will also help you focus on one thing at a time, giving it your best effort.

Dress Appropriately

If you don’t even have the energy to roll out of bed, chances are you will put on a lazy outfit and go through the day looking and feeling dull. Your attire can dictate how you feel about yourself, so put on one of your nicer outfits to make you feel confident and ready to take on the day.

Find Something to Look Forward to

Think of something that can perk you up throughout the day that is in the near future. Maybe a certain television show is on that evening, or you have a special dinner planned. Maybe it is even just the thought of returning to bed with a good book. Think about your end goal for the day and you are likely to be more motivated to get through it in order to reach your end goal.

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