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Maintaining a Chemical Free Home

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Because toxic chemicals are so prevalent in our society, maintaining a chemical free home may seem daunting. Modern life and modern products are so heavily filled with chemicals that they can be rather difficult to avoid. Here are some ways to keep your home free of harmful chemicals without completely shutting yourself and your family off from today’s society.

Be Mindful of the Foods in Your Kitchen

While growing your own fruits and vegetables in your yard would be the ideal option for living a chemical free life, that is not always practical. Choosing to purchase organic produce, however, reduces the amount of chemicals in your home and your body. These fruits and vegetables are free of harmful pesticides that are used to make produce grow without being taken over by violating plants or animals.

Drink Filtered Tap Water

Commercial bottled water uses plastic bottles with a higher bacterial content and chemical residue than water directly from the tap. Drinking water from the tap is also a big money saver. Studies have shown the dangers of the chemical composition of plastics disrupting both our endocrine and hormonal systems, so drinking tap water out of a glass is your best bet.

Use Natural Cleaning Products

Chemical free house cleaners such as vinegar, lemon juice, and baking soda are a non-toxic way of keeping your house clean and smelling good. Easy to find in any store, these everyday ingredients can be mixed up to not only kill germs but to also keep your house safe.

Use Green Cookware

Green cookware is becoming more popular these days, due to the claims of the toxicity of non-stick cookware. Traditional non-stick pans produce poisonous particles and fumes that people consume while they are being heated up. One great example of green cookware that is widely used is cast iron.

Take Off Your Shoes

Leaving your shoes at the entrance door to your house is a simple way to avoid tracking in chemicals from the outside world. As you walk into your house from outside, your shoes drag in dirt and a load of toxic chemicals, pesticides, grease, lead, bacteria, and oil. This can be easily avoided by removing your shoes before entering the house.

Lookout for Personal Care Products

Many of our personal care products, such as makeup and lotions, contain toxic chemicals to help companies keep their sales high. Toxins may come in the form of chemical fillers such as fragrances, color, thickeners, or preservatives. These chemicals, like those in plastic, disrupt our endocrine system and our hormones. This may lead to health issues such as certain types of cancer, heart disease, and obesity.

Decorate with House Plants

House plants can reduce the toxins in your home due to the fact that they are natural air purifiers. House plants clean the air around them, absorbing any unnatural gas and chemicals around them. They are then able to convert these substances into food for themselves, benefiting both you and the plant. The best plants to have around the house to filter stray chemicals are Peace Lilies, Boston Fern, and English Ivy. It is best for homes have two plants for every one hundred square feet of living space. These will do double duty as they are also beautiful to see.

Making small changes will help to jump start your journey to creating a chemical free home. While we may not be able to avoid chemicals while out in public, it can be helpful to know you have a safe-haven to come home to where you can breathe easy and avoid toxins.

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