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Common Hobbies of Entrepreneurs

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People often take up hobbies as an extra activity that peaks their interest and enthusiasm, or brings them pleasure or relaxation. These are usually done during one’s free time. They are done for the pleasure that they provide, but they can have additional benefits as well.

Studies show that being creative boosts work performance, and certain hobbies can actually increase intelligence. Also, any kind of physical activity benefits mental and physical health.

Due to these benefits, even very busy and successful people set aside time for hobbies. Here are some specific hobbies of famous people, from business icons to actors.


This healthy hobby, along with other outdoorsy activities, is enjoyed by many, including Jack Dorsey and Peter Thiel.


Some people choose to play games or cards with others as a social activity and a stress reliever. This is a good way to escape the world while still using your brain to create strategic moves to win the game. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are well-known fans of playing bridge, while Richard Branson believes that Chess is the best game in the world.


Collecting things can be a hobby for people who either have a passion for a certain tangible object, or for those who do not have the time to dedicate each week to an activity. Many people have collections of things such as stamps and memorabilia. Elon Musk, for example, collects James Bond memorabilia. Musk has even spent almost $1 million on a Lotus Esprit driven by James Bond. He had been interested in James Bond since childhood and pursued his love for the character throughout adulthood.

Some people collect things with a bit less notoriety. For example, Nathan Myhrvold’s passion lies in collecting dinosaur material.


Sometimes people take up sports that are not so common. Sandy Lerner had such a passion for jousting that she purchased a farm in Virginia to raise horses to use for jousting. She even jousts while dressed in period costumes.

Steve Wozniak is also a fan of sports that are not so common. His favorite hobby is Segway polo. Sergey Brin has been spotted in an advanced acrobatics class at a training facility in New York City. Apparently, this Google founder has a love for powerful athletic pursuits.


Cooking is a great hobby because everyone can relate to it in some way. We all need to eat and have a passion for certain foods. In addition to his dinosaur collecting, Nathan Myhrvold is also very interested in modernist cooking. He has won several awards for his cookbooks.

Marissa Mayer is a self-proclaimed obsessive baker. She has studied cupcake recipes and created a spreadsheet comparing the ingredients to then test and compare.

Music and Meditation

Music and meditation often go hand in hand as music is meant to be a relaxing and personal outlet. Warren Buffet has been known to have a passion for the ukulele, while Marc Benioff is a strong advocate of zen meditation.

Clearly, people who are busy still find an outlet and time to do something they enjoy. It is interesting to get a peak into the lives of people who are very well known for one particular thing, as they enjoy their hobbies.

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