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Why Men Love Being Married

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While some may really enjoy their period of bachelorhood, no guy wants date for the rest of his life. Most men want to eventually settle down and end up in a long term relationship. So what is the draw to a life with a partner? Here are ten reasons why men prefer to end up in a solid relationship.

No More Awkward Sex

Not only does a marriage free a man from the possible “where is this going” conversation, it also leaves no room for awkward mornings. No one is trying to read what the other person is thinking and no one has to feel guilty for wanting to go straight to bed afterwards. Having an open sex life that leaves out the hassle is freeing.

You Can Experiment with Sex

When you are with a one-night stand, you are not too likely to test out new sex moves or get creative in the bedroom. It is often just awkward, vanilla sex. However, once you have been with a partner for a long time and you have learned each other’s likes and dislikes, you can begin to branch out with your sexual desires and fulfill new needs.

You Can Stare

While it is impolite to stare at strangers, it is welcomed to admire your wife’s body and her beauty. Once married, there is no shame in staring at your partner in awe.

Being Domestic Means Using Tools

Why spend all of this money on great tools if they aren’t going to good use? Single men hardly have a reason to hang a picture or a shelf or do some fancy home-improvement projects. Once a man is settled down and married, it is time to break out those fun toys and put them to use where someone will appreciate it.

Divided Chores

A single man is left to do all of the up-keeping of the house alone. Dishes, vacuuming, cleaning dishes, and doing laundry take a lot of time and can be done a lot faster if two people are working on them.

Wives are Encouraging

While men may often try to put on a confident front, oftentimes they are not so sure about themselves. Wives are there to encourage their husbands to do their best and to convince them that they can succeed at anything.

Husbands Can Bounce Ideas off of Wives

Sometimes in life it is important to have a second opinion about a grand idea. Running some plans or opinions by a woman is a good way to get another perspective and possibly get some insight on what may or may not be a good move in life.

Wives Know Husbands Better Than Anyone

While coworkers know a man’s professional side and friends know his fun and rowdy side, the wives are the ones who see it all. Through thick and thin, wives will be there for the tender moments, the bouts of anger and hurt, times of generosity, and times of true love. A life partner is the only one who will ever see you at your absolute best and at your absolute worst.

Love Without Judgement

Once a couple is married, there is no room left to judge each other. They have accepted each other into one another’s lives as is, so the judgement days are over. Women love their husbands despite any flaws or quirks they have because they have been aware of these things for a while.

Wives are Honest

Are you thinking about buying that suit that makes you look 19? Your wife will be the one to lead you in the other direction. She will give her honest opinion without trying to sugarcoat it. After all, it is in her best interest for her husband to not embarrass himself.

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