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How Women Know They Are in Solid Relationships

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Whether you are in a new relationship, or it feels like you have been together forever, it is probable that you find yourself appreciating your relationship during the smaller, more quiet moments rather than the large romantic events. Small everyday habits go a long way when it comes to building a strong foundation of a relationship. Small actions between partners are important when it comes to a long lasting history together.

Here are some reports from women in relationships who share the most important thing that their partner does for them to let them know that their relationship is rock solid.

Leaving Notes

One woman, who has been in a relationship with her husband for 11 years total, is reminded of his love for her through small notes. While one may think their relationship is beginning to become boring, he reminds her that he loves her with love notes that he adds to her lunch bag every day. He does this when she is not looking, so it is a pleasant surprise for her each day.

Using Social Media

After being with her boyfriend for two years, one girl is still amused by the Snapchats that he sends her. She claims that he isn’t always intentionally trying to be funny, she just admires how adorable she finds him to be.

Bedtime Rituals

Some couples choose to continue to make out as if they had just met, even if they have been together for a decade. This routine may even happen if both people are tired or even angry with each other. This can be a great reminder of the strength of a relationship.

Listen to Each Other

When someone has something to talk through because it is bothering them, it is imperative that their partner is able to provide their full attention to the matter. Putting away cell phones and actively listening to any concerns shows ultimate care.

You Give Each Other Personal Space

After living alone and having your own space to manage, it is often difficult to transition to living with a partner. It can be really helpful in a relationship if each person is able to give the other some space when needed, even if it is not specifically requested. In the long run, this makes living together become much easier.

He Puts Down the Toilet Seat

Men who go above and beyond to make sure their girlfriends are comfortable are showing a sign that their relationship is strong. Even doing little things such as leaving a toilet seat down shows a sense of respect that is always appreciated.

You Have a Relationship with Each Other’s Families

If your partner is in contact with your family outside of holidays or special occasions, this shows genuine care for you. It also shows how caring the person is of your family and that they have a long term interest in their well being.

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