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Why Your Workout May Feel Miserable

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While you may wish you looked forward to going to the gym every day, it is often something that requires a little extra motivation. It can be daunting to continuously drag yourself to the gym every day with no energy or enthusiasm. Here are a few ways to identify the problem and make the changes that will give you energy at the gym again.

You stop prematurely.

Do you run out of spin class quickly and rush to the restroom to get cleaned off and go about your day? Or perhaps you finish your lifting session and reach for that post-workout fuel, such as a smoothie or a peanut butter sandwich. If this rings true, you are leaving out an important step in the process of exercising. It is important to leave your body in a neutral position after a workout. This requires either stretching or using opposing muscles to what you have been targeting. For example, if you have been moving clockwise on the elliptical for 45 minutes, cool down by going counter clockwise to work the opposing muscles.

You don’t take breaks.

No matter how active you like to be, you need to include a rest day each week. Failing to rest may result in a fitness plateau. Because our bodies react to stress that is put on them, having constant stress does not allow the body to grow. If you become tired while working out, it is your body’s way of telling you that it needs a break. Take a day off and go for a casual walk, stretch, or do a light yoga routine.

You don’t like your workout.

Maybe you do your specific workout because it is what other people do, or it has come recommended to you. However, if the workout does not match your abilities and interests, it is probable that you will not look forward to doing it. It is important to make both physical and emotional progress while exercising, and to not do a program that is either too hard or not challenging enough. If every workout seems to be a bore, try some new things to find something that better suits you.

You do not see results.

Knowing that what you are doing while working out is making a difference in your body can make the whole experience worth it. People who dread going to exercise are the ones who are not seeing results. Once you are able to reach some of your initial goals and move on to higher aspirations in the gym, you are likely to begin to look forward to workout sessions. Once you see a transformation, it is easy to be excited about working out. If you seem to have plateaued, work with a personal trainer to give you the tools and guidance needed to make your workouts more effective.

You’re not getting enough sleep.

Your body repairs and heals itself while you sleep. If you do not get enough sleep, you?re going to have a tough time getting through a workout. If you lose some sleep for one night, continue on with your exercise plans for the next day. However, if you have had a string of bad nights, go ahead and take an exercise rest.

Don’t forget to take breaks.

While exercises such as high intensity interval training are popular right now, if you find it to be too difficult, it is important to take the necessary breaks. When it comes to HIIT, it is important to remember that it doesn?t mean that you should push yourself as hard as possible for as long as possible. Instead, do intense intervals followed by rest periods so that you can prepare your body for the next interval. Without rest, you are not able to exert maximum effort during the intervals, which results in fewer benefits.

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