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New Year’s Resolution Tips

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Similar to the beginning of every other year, you have already vowed to save more money and lose some weight. You plan to make the gym part of your daily routine and even settle down with a partner to start a family. You may even be sure that this is the year you will get that big promotion. However, broad New Year’s resolutions like these are usually destined for failure.

With a broad resolution, it is difficult to define your precise goals, which then makes the mystery goal hard to reach. Here are some common New Year?s resolutions that do not tend to be effective, along with the some to focus on instead that may result in success.


While it may be easy to promise yourself to take care of your health in the new year, without specific plans to do so, you will likely fall into your old habits. Rather than telling yourself you plan to improve your health, set a specific goal, such as making a doctor’s appointment. Improving your general health means different things to different people. While one person may need to get more exercise, another may need to stop smoking. It is important to tailor your health goals to your own situation.

Having a professional to guide you in your journey to proper health is imperative in order to make progress. Many men skip their yearly visits to see the doctor, which can result in not receiving early detection of conditions such as pre-diabetes or high blood pressure. Seeing a professional for prevention is a great step to taking control of your health. Don’t make an excuse of having a schedule that is too hectic to allow you to visit a doctor. Doctors will often work with your schedule to help get you in when it is convenient for you.


It is simple to tell yourself to eat better. But what does that really mean? Is there a problem with portion control or not enough healthy produce in your diet? Pinpoint your exact dietary needs and make specific goals to improve them. Pick a few things to focus on rather than telling yourself you are going to do a giant diet overhaul. Make specific plans to incorporate your positive changes into your day, such as replacing a candy bar at work for a snack for an apple with some almond butter. Focus more on what you can eat rather than what you cannot eat, so you do not feel restricted.

Fruit is a great option that provides some natural sweetness. It is also a good idea to begin each dinner with a salad, which will not only add vegetables to your diet, but it may make you eat less at dinner. Vegetables and mixed greens are high in fiber, which can prevent you from overeating during your main meal.


Rather than telling yourself you are going to hit the gym every day, after five years of not stepping foot inside of one, set smaller goals that are more attainable. Making an abrupt and large jump in your fitness habits is not something that will stick around, as you are likely to experience burnout and quit.

A better and more effective approach is to go to the gym a few days each week that fit well with your schedule. This will increase your likelihood of commitment to your new fitness routine. Once you succeed at your small goals, you can begin to create larger goals.

Weight Loss

Rather than setting a specific goal of losing 20 pounds, aim to make healthy changes in your lifestyle that will help to naturally shed unneeded weight. You can?t control the number on the scale, but you can control your behaviors that will lead to your goal weight. Focus more on what you have to do to lose weight, not how much weight you are able to lose each week. This probably means committing yourself to the gym a few days a week and changing your diet.

Make a plan that allows you to keep track of your progress. If you hit a plateau, you can then go back and see if your recent behaviors are in line with your plan. This will help you see what you need to work on to lose weight.

Building Muscle

Rather than promising yourself to gain muscle, make more specific goal to create habits that lead to strength. Going to the gym on a regular basis won’t make you stronger if you are only doing a cardio routine. It is important to learn how to do proper strength training to build muscle.

However, only lifting weights will not give you big muscles. You need to make sure you are fueling your body enough. Focus on consuming more lean protein to help bulk up. Lean proteins help to repair the tiny tears that are created in the muscles during strength training. This help the muscles to recover and grow faster. Eating about 100 grams of lean protein throughout the day is a good start.

Professional Goals

You may want to tell yourself that you are going to get your dream job this year, but a more attainable goal is to expand your professional network. Networking and making business connections is an important way to succeed in the professional world.

Find a few people whom you look up to professionally, and reach out to them to be your mentor. You may also speak to existing contacts to see if anyone is connected in some way to an organization that interests you. Send out thoughtful emails to your potential mentors, explaining your goals to them and how they can possibly help you out.


Instead of telling yourself that you will be better in your relationship, make a specific goal that has been a hurdle in the past. For example, aim to make a better effort to apologize when necessary. Generalized intentions to be a better partner don?t typically change much in a relationship.

Instead, create more intimacy with your partner by delivering specific promises through actions. This will likely have more success and show your partner that you are making a real effort to try to improve your relationship.

By apologizing, you are admitting that you are not perfect, which shows your vulnerability. This can make a partner feel safe and secure in a relationship because they are being acknowledged and understood. This shows empathy and respect for your partner.


The idea of meeting your soulmate this year is appealing, but it is a tough goal to reach. Rather, make smaller goals that will put you at a higher likelihood of meeting people who share your interests.

Focusing on one moment at a time can create more opportunities to make a connection with someone. If you are socializing, put away any distracting technology and live in the moment. Seize opportunities to enjoy socializing for what it is, and devote your attention to the conversation that you are having with the person in front of you.

When you connect with someone new, try to not immediately start thinking about your possible future with this person. Enjoy your new friendship, and if that connection leads to a permanent relationship, then that is great.


Rather than promising yourself to save money, make more specific goals when it comes to budgeting. Making a budget and sticking to it will help you save in the long run, while also letting you track your progress.

There is no set way to create your budget, but it is important to make it simple so you will stick with it. Create a worksheet or spreadsheet to keep track of your spending. After two months of tracking your spending, reevaluate the budget and determine where you may be wasting money.


Everyone wants to make a resolution to stress less about work in the new year, but that may be out of your control. Instead, promise yourself to not take on more than you can handle. This will ultimately lead to less stress, due to a more manageable workload.

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