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Dressing to Impress for a Job Interview

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Your resume may get you in the door, but once you are there, are you able to look the part? Hiring managers take a lot away from first impressions, so it is important to look presentable and confident. You don’t want to give off the impression that you don’t care enough about the interview to take the time to look nice. Alternatively, you don’t want to be so overdressed for a specific business that you look out of place. Here are a few tips for dressing for a job interview.

Watch the Minor Details

Proper grooming sends a powerful message that you are neat and can show up prepared to be professional. If you go into a job interview looking unkempt, you are sending the message that you do not respect the process of hiring and you won?t bother to take the effort to make a good impression. If you do not look clean during your interview, a hiring manager will only assume that it gets worse from there.

Make sure that your hair is cleanly cut, your facial hair is managed, and your hands are polished. Also, if you spill a bit of coffee on your shirt in the morning, change into a fresh shirt. Small holes or stains on clothing may go unnoticed to you, but when they are noticed by others, they look messy.

Try to Blend in

Research the company that you are interviewing with to find out how people typically dress there. Do they all wear full, formal suits every day to work? Are they a more casual group who wears jeans and tee-shirts? A huge part of an interview is to determine how you will fit into the group. If you walk in already looking like you belong there sends the message that you will be a good fit. Conform your dress as much as you can, and show your uniqueness through your accomplishments and professional abilities.

That being said, if you are interviewing for a ‘jeans and tee-shirt’ type company, don’t go as far as to pull out your old weekend jeans. Perhaps forgo the full suit and tie and just wear a blazer and some khaki pants with a well-fitted button down shirt.

Make Sure Your Clothes Fit

If your suit noticeable does not fit, it will look adolescent. You will likely also be physically uncomfortable, which will undermine your confidence during your interview. Pay special attention to your shirt collar to make sure it is the right fit. If your shirt collar is too big, it will look like you may have borrowed a shirt from your dad. If it is too small, however, it may look like it is leftover from high school. If you can have one shirt in your closet that is professionally tailored, you can wear this to all of your important events.

Treat Everyone Nicely

Mind your manners as soon as you enter the building. You never know the position of the person who is sitting at the front desk. It may be a relative or a very close co-worker to the person that you are interviewing with, so it is imporant to not assume that anyone is an afterthought in the company.

Oftentimes, companies check with the front desk attendant or the receptionist to see if your behavior was professional and respectful. Other companies may have a lobby camera to watch the behavior of executives who are interviewing for a position. Rude behavior can quickly rule out a potential candidate.

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