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How a Cluttered Desk Can Hinder Your Work

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While many people are aware that nutrients such as healthy fats and DHA are important for brain health, it is less known that other vitamins are critical for one’s cognition and for the prevention of mental diseases.

Of course, if you are deep into concentration with your work, your desk may become cluttered or messy every now and then. Take a quick look around your desk to see if you are guilty of neglecting its order and cleanliness. However, if have piles of papers and clutter everywhere, you are probably not working as effectively or efficiently as you possibly could be.

Studies have actually shown that people who work at a messy desk are less efficient, less persistent, and actually more tired and frustrated than those who work at a neat desk.

While one’s desk shows a lot about how they are comfortable living, it also helps workers be more intentional when their desk is neat and tidy. Here are a few tips that will make your working area more and efficient and well-thought-out with just a little bit of effort.

Figure Out What’s Important

Go ahead and get rid of the mess that has been sitting there for weeks. Take control over your environment by throwing away any extra or old papers that you no longer need or shredding documents that have just been sitting on your desk.

One of the best ways to do this is to start from the outside and work your way in. The items that you likely need the most are probably located within arms’ reach on your desk. Start at the outer portion of your desk to find the things that you really never have a use for and get rid of them.

Then, once you make it into your personal space, focus on your phone, extra cups, pens, coffee mugs, and glasses, and position the items that you use most often closest to you station and then work your way back out.

Make sure to go through every item that is sitting on top of your desk and strictly determine its purpose and the frequency of your need for it. Be ruthless about throwing things away, and keep the more often referenced items close to your inner space.

Create Piles

Making piles is all about dividing and conquering. Put all of your papers and anything else that is related to work into its own pile, and label each pile with its own category, such as “trash,” ?keep,? ?important? ?long-term?. After doing this, you can decide where the item belongs and if it needs to be close to you or it can be put away. Better yet, you can decide if you can toss it. Look through every drawer, corner, and shelf, as clutter has its way of multiplying by itself.

Make Sure Everything Has a Place

Designate a specific place for everything in your office and make sure it stays there unless it is in use. Otherwise, you will never be finished organizing because things will constantly be moving around.

Make sure that the binders for your papers are labeled and you have only one place for extra pens and one folder for receipts and one place for your keys. This will also help you save time when you are looking for these items because you will not have ot dig through all of your stuff to find them. The more you stick to your system, the less work it will take to maintain it.

Avoid having a “junk drawer” or a “catch-all” drawer. If something is considered to be junk, it needs to go in the trash. Otherwise, you are creating a place to aimlessly toss things away to be dealt with at a later time. Deal with things as they come your way, or put them in a designated place to handle later.

Consider Upgrading

Once you have cleaned and organized your office, you may want to consider making some upgrades. Start by addressing the essential items in your office. For example, if you are still using old office supplies that are hand-me-downs from your predecessor, think about getting new supplies such as a higher-quality stapler, better scissors, and a high-end pen.

These small details will remind you that you are thoughtful and mature when it comes to your job. The new items don’t even necessarily have to cost a lot of money, as long as they are comfortable and more in line with the items you like to work with rather than the preferences of the last person who sat at your desk.

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