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Tips to Get Other People to Like You

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Do you know why you like the people you do? Scientists have spent years trying to figure out how people choose their friends. Here are some interesting tips and findings that can help you be more likable to other people and understand some of your current relationships.

1. Mirror the person you’re with

This mirroring strategy involves subtly mimicking the behavior of the person you are with. Try copying your friends’ body language, facial expressions, and gestures to make them feel more comfortable. Researchers have found that this chameleon effect facilitates friendship.

To study this, researchers studied 72 men and women while working on a task with a partner who worked with the researchers. The partner either mimicked the participant’s behavior or did not. Following the interactions, the researchers asked participants how much they liked their partners. As expected, participants liked the partners better that mimicked their behavior.

2. Spend more time with people you want to befriend

People like those who are familiar to them. Furthermore, they are more likely to interact with people that they often see.

3. Give compliments

Even if you are not complimenting the person that you are with, say nice things about other people so the person will see you as being kind and happy. If you describe someone as being genuine and kind, people will associate you with those words. Also, if you speak poorly about other people, you will also be associated with those words.

4. Display positive emotions

If you show positive emotions, the people are you are likely to do the same. Spread your cheer by being happy around other people.

5. Be warm and competent

If you are able to come off to other people as being warm and noncompetitive, people will believe they can trust you. Additionally, if you seem competent, they will be more inclined to respect you.

6. Reveal your flaws

If people think you are a competent person but also see you make a mistake, they will like you more. Revealing to others that you aren’t perfect will allow them to relate to you.

7. Emphasize shared values

People are attracted to those who share the same values as they do. Especially when it comes to controversial topics, like religion and politics, it is good to find a common ground with people around you.

8. Casually touch them

Make a point to touch a person so subtly that it is hardly noticeable. This may involve tapping on someone’s back or brushing their arm, which can make them feel welcome and warm toward you.

9. Smile

Studies have shown that woman looking at other women in photos was liked most when she was smiling, regardless of her body position. Another study has shown that smiling when you meet someone helps to make sure they will remember you later.

10. See the other person how they want to be seen

People want to be seen in a certain way. Everyone seeks confirmations of their views, whether they are positive or negative.

Research suggests that when other people’s beliefs about us as the same as our own, the relationship flows more smoothly. This is because the person feels understood, which is important for intimacy.

11. Tell a secret

To help build a relationship, disclose something about yourself that is personal. Studies show that people who know personal information about someone else feel closer to them. For example, if you talk about your family relationships to other people, they are likely to feel closer to you knowing that you trusted them with that information.

Build up from asking minor questions to questions that are a bit deeper and expose more information about the person. Sharing more intimate information will make you closer to each other.

12. Show that you can be trusted with their secrets

People put a lot of value on trustworthiness and trustingness in their friendships and relationships. These traits are especially vital in ideal friends and employees. Trustworthiness has several components including honesty, loyalty, and dependability, which are the most important parts of a friendship.

13. Show your sense of humor

Research has found that people look for a sense of humor in their friends and romantic partners. It has also been found that using humor when you’re getting to know someone is likely to make the person like you better. Studies have suggested that participating in a funny task can even increase romantic attraction.

14. Let the person talk about themselves

People love to talk about themselves. Allow someone to talk about their lives and their beliefs to you and take the time to actively listen and participate in the conversation. Repeat some of the things that they say so they know that you are listening.

In other words, allowing someone to share a story about their life rather than listening to you talk about yours may give them better memories of your interaction.

15. Be vulnerable

Being emotionally open to someone else is worth the risk. It will let them see that you trust them with your feelings.

16. Act like you like them

If someone thinks that you like them, they tend to like you in return. Even if you do not know someone very well, pretend that you really like them to start establishing that positive relationship.

Research has found that when we expect people to like us, we are nicer to them, which increases the chances they will like us in return.

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