Frank Salvatore

Tips for Sellers

Thinking of Selling your Home?

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

The best advice I may offer a Seller is to look at your home through the eyes of a typical Buyer and try to imagine what they would see.  Begin with standing in the front foyer for at least one minute and look into the home.  Do you like what you see?

Make note of any defects, scratches, cracks, stains, and odors that you discover in every room.  Then either address them or factor these items into your asking price.  Do that for every room including the front yard, rear yard, garage and out buildings.

A small investment in time and money will give your home an edge over other listings in your area.  Here are some practical ideas to prepare your home and help you get Top Market Value.  (Consider Staging your home)

General Maintenance

  • oil squeaky doors
  • tighten door knobs
  • replace burned out lights bulbs
  • clean and repair windows
  • touch up chipped paint
  • repair cracked plaster
  • clean furniture
  • repair leaking taps and toilets
  • repair seals on tubs and basin

Front Curb Appeal & Backyard

  • cut lawns
  • close garage doors
  • trim shrubs and lawns
  • weed and edge gardens
  • pick up litter
  • clear walks and driveway of leaves or snow
  • repair gutters and eaves
  • clean out garage
  • touch up exterior paint
  • roll up hoses
  • tidy up and position outdoor tables and chairs
  • pillows/cushions should be fresh not faded
  • clean pool, remove cleaning supplies, pool vacuum
  • remove toys, sports balls, basketball nets, soccer nets etc

The Buying Atmosphere

  • arrange to be absent from your home during showings
  • turn on all lights
  • light up the fireplace
  • open drapes and blinds in daytime
  • have quiet background music playing
  • keep pets outdoors (if possible) and please clean the litter box
  • Bake cookies or fresh flowers for showings if possible
  • remove clutter
  • vacuum carpets, floors and stairs
  • remove cobwebs
  • remove stacks of papers, bills, magazines and toys

Spic and Span

  • shampoo carpets
  • clean washer, dryer and stationary tubs
  • clean fridge and stove
  • clean and freshen bathrooms
  • remove items from bathroom and kitchen counter tops
  • put away dish towels, sponges, trash cans pet food
  • align towels in bathrooms
  • put toilet seats down
  • clean mirrors and glass showers

The First Impression

  • clean and tidy the entrance
  • install a functional doorbell
  • polish any door hardware

The Spacious Look

  • clear clutter from stair and halls
  • store excess furniture
  • clear counters and stove
  • closets should be neat and tidy
Frank Salvatore