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Are you 50 years of age and older?  If so than this page applies to you.

SRES is a specialized designation, Frank has earned, that focuses on Retiree’s and those who struggle with how to care for their elderly parents.

As our parents age we often worry about their well being and ask ourselves;

-are our parents fit to stay in their existing home?

-should we move them into a more maintenance free home or condo?

-should they move in with one of their children?

-or is it time to move them into a retirement facility, retirement community or a retirement home?

This is where Frank can help!

As a Mortgage Broker and a Real Estate Broker with an SRES desiganation Frank may offer many solutions in determining whether selling the existing home and or buying a maintenance free home is the right decision or perhaps refinancing the existing home is more economical.  Frank can also help arrange financing, or a reverse mortgage for your loved one or even put you in touch with the right professionals who can implement other options.

With this aging market of “Baby Boomers” and “Retirees projected to grow from 4.2 million to 8.4 million by 2036, it has never been more important to research the options available and plan for the future that lies ahead before the demands exceed supply.  (see below for demographics)

With substantial growth in these sectors it is important to understand the many different “housing options” available to Retirees and “Baby Boomers” who care for Elderly parents such as;

Independent Living – *Aging in place
*Active-adult communities
*Seniors-only apartments
*Garden suites
*Shared housing
*Independent Supportive Living
Assisted Living – *Between Independent Living & Care Facilities
Continuing Care Facilities- *Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs)
*Life Care
Care Facilities *Board and Care
*Nursing homes
*Short term, respite
*Alzheimer’s Care facilities
  • HELOC,
  • Reverse Mortgage,
  • Line of credit or
  • RRIF is the better alternative
  • Converting RRSP to an Annuity

For More information on SRES visit or call Frank Salvatore today and lets get started;

CANADA’S POPULATION IN 2006 = 31,612,895

3.7% 1,167,31 Lost and Full Retiree Generations
(Born prior to 1937) Aged 69 & over
13.96% 4,412,770 Active Retiree (1938-1947) Aged 59-68
31.2% 9,865,915 Baby Boomer (1948-1962) Aged 44-58
12.4 3,907,835 Gen X (1963-1976) Aged 30-43
26.1 8,288,810 Gen Y Echo Boomers (1977-1994) Aged 12-29
12.3% 3.899,660 Gen Z (1995-present) Under 11

List of Local Care Facilities, Retirement homes, and Active Adult Communities;

Aberdeen Gardens 905 529-3163 Retirement Residence
The Meadowlands 905 304-1968 Retirement Residence
The Wellington 905 385-2111 Retirement and Long Term Care
Westmount Terrace 905-318-3090 Seniors Residence 24 hour staffing
Villa Italia 905 388-4552 Retirement Residence
St. Elizabeth Village 905 389-5020 Retirement Residence& community
Court at Rushdale 905 575-6832 Retirement Residence
Residences on Augusta 905 522-2230 Independent Living
Kinsberry Place 905 318-3815 Retirement Residence
Wentworth Heights 905 575-4735 Retirement Residence
Yorkville Place 905 628-4831 Retirement Residence
S.I.M GYM Website Gym for people 55 and older in the community.
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